FIXD Car Health Monitor

By plugging FIXD into your car’s OBD port (all cars built after ‘96 have them), you are virtually guaranteed to save $1,000’s from unwanted and unnecessary repairs!

Simply stated, FIXD tells you precisely what’s going on with your car and what needs to be done. Things like …

✔️ Why exactly your ‘Check Engine Light’ is on.

✔️ How severe a particular problem is.

✔️ Consequences of ignoring a problem.

✔️ When your car is due for a maintenance check

✔️ When it’s time for your next Oil change

✔️ And more…

With FIXD, it really is like having your very own personal mechanic along for every ride.

How FIXD Active Health Monitor Works

  1. The FIXD arrangement works with any vehicle sold in the United States after 1996, and comprises of two components the FIXD vehicle sensor, and the FIXD application…
  2. By drawing this data from the car and transmitting it to a cell phone through Bluetooth. See sample picture.
  3. If the car is in great mechanical request, users are given a green “good to go” sign, yet different mechanical issues, if present, will cause the application to display either alert or warning signs…
  4. By looking at the normal repair cost for each and every possible repair process in the US, the fixd car monitor application is even ready to give an exact evaluation of what it will cost to have the issue settled…
  5. The FIXD diagnostic Health App can also screen different cars that are fitted with the FIXD vehicle sensor, enabling families to track the health of every car they own.
Sample picture of diagnostic display on your cell phone.

FIXD OBD-II 2nd Generation Active Car Health Monitor

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