Bondic Plastic Welder

How Does Bondic® Work?

Bondic® is a plastic in liquid form that can be used to bond, fill, or repair a wide variety of items in and around your home. The process of using Bondic® is simple one. Here’s how it works:

  1. Clean the item you will be repairing with Bondic®. Bondic® works best on a clean surface.
  2. Apply the proper number of drops of Bondic® to the item being repaired. Something small, like a pair of glasses, may require only a drop or two. Larger items may require more than one tube.
  3. Once the Bondic® is where you want it, shine the UV light at the end of the applicator on the Bondic® for a few seconds to cure it. When it’s dry, Bondic® turns into a hard, durable, clear plastic.
  4. Shape or paint the dried Bondic® as you please. Once dried, Bondic® can be sanded, painted, or trimmed. That means that your finished project won’t be left with unsightly blobs of plastic on it.

The thing that makes Bondic® preferable to glue is that it won’t dry until you set it with the UV light. While it is still wet, you can easily wipe it off of any surface. The manufacturer recommends using a natural solvent to remove it.

You can use Bondic® on a wide variety of household items and for almost any repair you can think of. Because it isn’t glue, it’s possible to use Bondic® in places and conditions where glue would not work. For example, you can use Bondic® to make underwater repairs.

Here’s a list of the surfaces that Bondic® works on:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Kevlar
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC tubing

What Do You Get When You Order Bondic®?

Orders of Bondic® are called “kits”. If you order a single tube of Bondic®, you’ll get the tube – which includes the built-in UV light at the tip – in a handy case. The case has a foam interior to hold each Bondic® pen in place.

You should know that each Bondic® pen contains about 80 drops of Bondic®. A smaller items will probably need only a few drops of Bondic® to be repaired. Larger items – the example they use on their website is a bookcase – may require one or more tubes of Bondic® to be repaired.

How Does Bondic® Compare to Super Glue?

Comparison of Bondic® and Super Glue.

  • Bondic® can be used on glass, PVC pipe, Kevlar, and other surfaces where Super Glue doesn’t work.
  • Super Glue can only be used on dry surfaces, while Bondic® can be used on leaky pipes and can even be used to make underwater repairs.
  • Super Glue dries very quickly and is difficult to remove. You have no control over when it dries. Bondic® only dries when you apply the UV light at the end of the pen to the liquid plastic. You can leave it in place for hours or even days, and cure it only when you’re ready.
  • Super Glue dries when exposed to oxygen. As a result, it can dry out and harden in the tube, rendering it useless. By contrast, Bondic® will not dry out in the pen even if you leave it on your shelf for years. It hardens only when exposed to the UV light on the pen.
  • After it’s dry, Bondic® can be shaped, sanded, and even painted for a perfect finish. The same cannot be said of Super Glue.
  • A tube of Super Glue is less expensive than a Bondic® kit, but you will likely end up needing to replace your Super Glue before the tube is empty.

Pros and Cons of Bondic


  • Bondic® is versatile and can be used on virtually any surface to repair, bond, or fill it.
  • It can be used on leaky pipes and even to make underwater repairs.
  • It will only dry when you shine the UV light at the end of the pen on it, making it easy to apply properly and clean up if necessary.
  • Bondic® lasts on the shelf and will not dry up like glue.
  • It can help you repair and “rescue” items that can’t be repaired with glue.
  • It is completely non-toxic and safe to use.


  • Bondic® must be exposed to UV light to dry. That means that in some cases, it may not be ideal if you need to stick to large halves of something back together. You’ll need to apply Bondic® around the edges to get it to dry.
  • Not ideal for use on rubber or waxy plastics.
  • Some customers said that the product leaked in shipping, although the company has excellent customer service and you can simply call for a replacement.
  • Bondic® is more expensive than glue.


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